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Types of Membership:


    This type of membership is for individuals actively involved in scientific research, with more than five years postdoctoral experience, working as an assistant professor or professor (or the equivalent) in a recognized educational or research institution. It is open for individuals who have conducted and published at least two original researches in high impact factor international scientific journals.

    To apply for full membership you have to have one board member or two full members sponsor your application. Before applying for a full membership you must have been an affiliated member for at least three years.

    Full membership fee is 50 LE per year

    Full members have the right to:

    • Attend the general assembly meetings of the Society.
    • Vote at the Society meetings.
    • Serve as sponsors on membership applications.
    • Serve on committees and task forces of the Society.
    • Run for elections to the Society board.

    It is suitable for a graduate or junior postdoctoral researcher, and for those that have not yet gained the requirements to become full members. They have the same rights as the full members but without the right to attend the general assembly meetings and cannot run for elections to the board.

    To apply for membership you must fill the application form and submit it to the President of the Society for approval.

    Affiliated membership fee is 50 LE per year.


    The Society awards Honorary Membership to individuals who are ‘persons of distinction in science who have contributed to the advancement of science or to the work of The Society’.

    An Honorary Membership may be awarded to any individual and the privilege is not just limited to current Members of The Society Members in this category have all the rights of the full members but without the right to attend the general assembly meetings and cannot vote or run for elections.

    Membership is free.


    It is suitable for our colleagues from non Egyptian or German scientific institutions who wish to become members of the Society.

    The same rules for affiliated membership applies, they will be able to host the Society Conferences at their own place/ continent.

    Membership is 50$ per year.

Click to Download the Registeration Form in word format (.doc) or in pdf format (.pdf)