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The Egyptian German Society of Zoology (EGSZ) is an NGO constructed 14 years ago; its main goal is to spread the concept of scientific research in Egypt. EGSZ aims to empower young scientists in order to support the research system in Egypt and provide the sufficient awareness of the importance of scientific research to the public.


Address our society current problems by oriented scientific research, by means of scientific and social activities by “working with all the sides of science”.


Putting a corner stone for research in Egypt by creating a suitable inspiring environment for scientists and researchers, and implanting the concept of “Investing in Science” to the Egyptian Stock holders and Business men, and enriching public awareness about scientific research benefits and requirements.


  • Promote of scientific awareness in Egypt and the Arab world.
  • Provide the suitable environment in which scientists could flourish and create.
  • Assist in forming a highly qualified researchers and students and Advance of scientific research in the life sciences.
  • Integration of Science and Research Updates in the Egyptian industrial sector.
  • Link the scientific research with the current local development plans.
  • Encourage the investment in education and in science-based projects.
  • Publication of scientific research in the different disciplines of Zoology - Entomology (Assembly specialized periodicals) in internationally recognized periodicals.
  • Organize of seminars, and the preparation of workshops and lectures on the general themes related to addressing environment and the needs of scientific society.
  • Twin Forging agreements, partnership and cooperation with prestigious international scientific societies and foreign prestigious externally.
  • Provide special grants to outstanding young scientists in Egypt and the Arab world.
  • Announce of the annual Awards Assembly in the name of a leading life sciences boiling out the best research publication.
  • Contribution to the research projects that provide great services to community.